Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dharna to oppose multi brand retail FDI at Parliament on Monday

BJP Delhi writes to C.M. not to give permission to multi-national companies for opening show rooms in Delhi - Vijender Gupta

In a letter written to the Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit, BJP Delhi has stated that she should not allow the multi-national companies to open showrooms in Delhi which have been allowed retail trading in India by the Central Government because the multi-brand retail stores will ruin the trade and industries of Delhi.  More than 10 lakh families will be rendered unemployed and ruined.  In the letter written to the Chief Minister the Party President Shri Vijender Gupta has sternly warned the State Government that if they allow the foreign companies to work in Delhi then BJP will oppose it by coming on the streets.  BJP Delhi alongwith the traders and industrialists will not allowed the multi-national companies to open showrooms of multi-brand retail.
          BJP will stage dharna-demonstration tomorrow at the Parliament on this issue.  Besides the BJP workers large number of traders of Delhi will participate in it and will warn to the Central and Delhi Governments that they should immediately withdraw the decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail to the foreign companies which will ruin trade in the country and Delhi.  If this anti people and controvertial decision is not withdrawn then the BJP along with the traders and farmers of the country will start continuous protest against State Government. 

          It may be mentioned that the Central Government has allowed the foreign companies to open multi-brand retail stores in entire country.  This is being opposed by the Chief Ministers of BJP ruled States.  The Chief Minister of U.P. Ms. Mayawati, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Ms. Jayalalita, Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamta Banerjee and Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar have also openly opposed this decision it. They have announced that they will not allow to open the show rooms of multi-national companies in their States.  BJP demands that Delhi Government should make the same announcements so that the occupation of traders, industrialists and farmers may not be endangered.

          Shri Gupta told that the retail trade in India is of about 30 lakh crores per year.  This has provided employment to about 10 lakh traders and industrialists and 30 lakh farmers.  In one decision the Government has tried to ruin the entire trade, home industry and agriculture due to which there is great acrimony in entire country.  If this decision is implemented then the democratic system of India and it sovereignty will be endanger.  The crop diversity in the country will be finished.  The foreign companies will have full control of the trade, industry and agriculture.  This anti people decision of the Government has allowed the entry of one more East India company.  It will also endangered the security of the country.  Shri Gupta has appealed to all the citizens of Delhi and they should not allowed this decision of the Congress Government to be implemented in Delhi and the country.  They should not strongly oppose it coming in the streets so that the Government may be compelled withdraw this decision.

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