Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Privatisation of water supply is to loot the people of Delhi – Vijender Gupta

BJP has termed the decision of Delhi Government to privatise water supply as the decision of looting the people of Delhi.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that people have already seen the evil consequences of privatisation of power in Delhi.  They are not ready to purchase costly water after the privatisation.  Opposing the decision of privatisation of water supply, he said that BJP will not allow this decision to be implemented in Delhi.

          The Planning Commission of Delhi Government has given several guidance and suggestions for privatisation of water.  It is understood that these anti people suggestions have been given at the instance of the Chairperson of DJB Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit so that 1.5 crore people of Delhi may be economically exploited.  The Planning Commission of Government has also suggested for forming a Regulatory Commission for water supply just like power.  It may be mentioned that a week ago the Chief Minister had stated that Delhi Government will form a Regulatory Commission for preventing misuse of water in Delhi.

          In the name of improving Water management Delhi Government is going to privatise several water treatment plants. It has been decided to recover many times higher rates for water supply after privatisation. Chief Minister has already advocated for increasing the charges for water supply.  Now making baseless allegations on the people of Delhi the Chief Secretary of the Government has said that the people of Delhi do not understand the value of water hence the charges of water supply should be increased many times so that the people may know the value of water.

          Pradesh President told that presently the DJB is not able to supply water even to 50% of the people of Delhi.  The people in villages, unauthorised colonies have to purchase water from private tankers.  In such situation the statement of Chief Minister and Chief Secretary that the people of Delhi do not understand the value of water and hence water supply should be privatised and higher charges be recovered, is insult of the people of Delhi.  BJP strongly opposes the decision of the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary to increase the water supply charges. Firstly Delhi Government should arrange for water supply in entire Delhi because 50% of Delhi have to depend on the private suppliers due to the failure of Government to supply water to them.

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