Saturday, 12 November 2011

BJP’s Dharna against hike in the price of petrol and uncontrolled price spiral

Now the Government wants to fill its emptied treasury due to corruption by increasing inflation and taxing the people– Vijender Gupta

Under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta thousands of Delhi Pradesh BJP workers staged Dharna at Jantar Mantar to protest against the hike in the price of petrol and back breaking price spiral and expressed their acrimony against it. Addressing thousands of workers sitting on Dharna, Shri Vijender Gupta told that the intentions of Government are not in favour of curbing price spiral. It is increasing its revenue by the hike of the petroleum prices. During the last 2 years the local sales tax on petrol has increased by Rs.8 per liter. It has resulted in earning of more than 1000 crore rupees to the Delhi Government. Government has also collected 2500 crores revenue by increasing the circle rates twice with in 8 months. Similarly, the Central Government is also increasing its revenue by inflation. This is the reason why the Government is imposing price spiral on the people and breaking its back, although there is no need for increasing the prices.

            He told that the Congress Government has become despotic and behaving like a dictator. There is difference between the practice and prophecy of this Government. Whenever the Central and Delhi Congress Governments talk about curbing price rise, the prices increase. Government has given good bye to the democratic values. Its only objective is to earn profit, take anti people decision, import taxes on the people and harass the people. This Government is anti poor and pro capitalists. Until the Congress Government is dislodged the people will not get relief.

            Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Pradesh Co-Incharge Rameshwar Chaurasiya, Pradesh Vice Presidents Pawan Sharma, R.P. Singh, Vishakha Shailani, Satish Upadhyay, General Secretaries Ramesh Bidhuri, Pravesh Verma, Ashish Sood, Secretaries Simmi Jain, Anil Goel, Mahendra Gupta, Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai, SC Morcha President Krishan Lal Dhilod, Kisan Morcha President Rajkumar Ballan, Minority Morcha President Atif Rasheed and Officebearers and workers of various Districts and Mandal were present in the Dharna today. The workers were raising slogans “Takhat Badal Do-Taj Badal Do, Beimano ka Raj Badal do. Mehangai Jo Rok Sake Na, Wah Sarkar Hatana Hai. Bhajapa ko Lana hai-Desh ko khushhal Banana Hai.”

            Prof. Malhotra told that Congress Government has completely failed in curbing price spiral. All the economists of the Government have become tools of exploitation. Inflation and corruption is so wide spread that nobody is unaffected by it. Now, the people are not getting sufficient nutrition. The reasons given by the Government on price spiral are hollow and ridiculous. The price spiral in the country and Delhi is due to the wrong policies of the Government. Every Minister of the Government is incompetent in curbing price spiral.

            Pradesh Co-Incharge Shri Rameshwar Chaurasiya told that the Congress Government claims to be democratic but its all decisions are despotic. This Government talks about the poor but all its decisions are in favour of the rich. The history of the country is witness of the fact that whenever Congress comes to power corruption, loot, price spiral, terrorism, anarchy increase. It is unfortunate that at present such a person is the Prime Minister of the country who is controlled by somebody else. If this Government is not dislodged soon then the people will continue to suffer and the taxes will continue to increase.

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