Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Biggest land bungling of Delhi till date

Congress Government and land mafia commit bungling of thousands of crores – Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has alleged that Delhi Government and the big land mafia together committed a big land bungling of thousands of crores in the capital. This is the biggest land bungling of Delhi till date. In view of the involvement the high profile people in it and he has demanded the Lt. Governor of Delhi to seal all the documents related to the land bungling. A delegation of the BJP will soon meet the Lt. Governor Shri Tejender Khanna and will demand filing FIR against all the persons involved in the bungling and also arrest them. If enquiry is initiated then high profile persons in Congress Government and rich land mafia of Delhi will be exposed.  

Shri Gupta told the press persons here today that some senior leaders of the ruling party shown the vacant land on both sides of DND flyover as Ganga Vihar unauthorized colony and obtained provisional certificates. This colony has been shown to be built upon 200 acres of land. Here the 
market value of the land is about 50,000 rupees to 70,000 rupees per meter. Hence this valuable land has been sold secretly. The purchasers of land are trying to sell the land again on large scale. Sources claim that some high profile people are involved in the sale/purchase of this valuable land. This bungling is in addition to Radha Krishna Vihar, Kotla Mahigram Extention, Jasola, Sarita Vihar and Abul Fazal Enclave Part-II bungling. BJP has demanded time bound and comprehensive enquiry into all such land bungling so that the corrupt face of Congress Government may be exposed before the people. If enquiry is started then many big bungling will come to light. Besides Ganga Vihar, Kilokary Village near Kalindi Kunj bungling one more scam has been committed in Taimur Nagar Extension. Here also bungling hundreds of crores has been committed.

On the 23rd June in 1989, DDA had acquired land under section 4 of land Acquisition Act in Ganga Vihar colony. DDA had taken the possessions of this land by paying compensation at the rate of Rs. 27 per meter on 22nd June, 1990 to the farmers under section 6 & 17. The farmers challenged this compensation in the court of Additional District Judge. In view of the public interest involve the ADJ personally visited the site. He found that the entire land is vacant and only one temple and a mazar were standing there. Since the land was vacant the court ordered the DDA to pay compensation at the rate of Rs. 89 per meter in place of Rs. 27 only in June 2011. In the records of DDA the award nos of these lands are 14, 15, 16 and 18. The farmers of Kilokari village are facing the problem of compensation between Rs. 27 and 89. In the mean time land mafias obtained provisional certificates from Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in the name of Ganga Vihar colony by showing it as an inhabited colony in October, 2008. After that this land has been sold at the rate of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 70,000 per meter. After inspection many surprising facts have come to light. Many Congress leaders will be exposed and sent to jail after the enquiry is initiated in the land bungling.

When BJP came to know about it, then the Pradesh President visited Ganga Vihar colony today. After inspecting the land Shri Gupta told that houses have not been constructed in this colony on the land on both sides of the DND flyover. The land is completely vacant. One can see only a Temple and a Mazar here. But the land mafias obtained provisional certificates from Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in the name of Ganga Vihar colony by showing it as an inhabited colony. The then revenue Minister Rajkumar Chauhan has signed these Provisional Certificates. He further told that the Congress Government also committed bungling in distributing Provisional Certificates. Since senior Congress leaders and rich land mafia are involved in it, hence Lt. Governor should order time bound high level CBI enquiry into the bungling. Whoever are found guilty in the preliminary enquiry should be arrested and sent to jail, so that they may not destroy the proof.

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