Tuesday, 15 November 2011



In a letter written to the Chief Minister of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that the Government should provide basic amenities to 50 lakh people of 1639 unauthorized colonies living in hellish conditions so that these people of Delhi may have right to live like common people.

            He told that on the issue of regularizing unauthorized colonies Delhi Government is continuously misleading the people of unauthorized colonies in place of providing basic amenities. Whenever the elections are declared the Congress starts claiming about regularizing these colonies and providing necessary amenities. At the time of 2008 Assembly Elections, Provisional Certificates were distributed through Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to the RWAs of these colonies. At that time, the Congress Governments at Centre and the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Congress Party had promised to the residents of these colonies that they will be provided all the basic amenities within a year. This promise has not been fulfilled as yet. The Lokayukta of Delhi has also complained to the President of India against Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit on the issue of making false promises to the people. Even after this the Congress is again misleading the people.

            The report of the GOM formed by the Chief Minister of Delhi under the Chairmanship of Minister Rajkumar Chauhan in this regard is childish which is not likely to be implemented. Shri Chauhan is himself an accused of a big bungling for awarding provisional certificates to fictitious unauthorized colonies under his signatures. Under the pretext of regularizing the unauthorized colonies, the Congress Ministers and other leaders are conniving with the land mafia to earn crores of rupees. When this was exposed since then Government trying to destroy the proof and cover up the case. There is not provision for drinking water, sewer, drains, facilities for education, health etc. in the unauthorized colonies today. There are many colonies where the children have to walk 2 to 3 kilometers for attending school. There is also lack of hospitals for attending emergency cases. The unauthorized colonies are totally neglected from the point of view of security.

            Shri Gupta told that Congress Governments has been in power during the last 13 years. Before 3 last Assembly Elections the Congress had always in its election manifesto that they will regularize all the unauthorized colonies free of cost when it will come to power. Congress forgets its promise after coming to power. Now, the MCD, Assembly and Loksabha Elections are to be held the Congress has again started showing golden dreams to the 50 lakh people of Delhi. The case of regularizing unauthorized colonies is pending before the Supreme Court and Delhi high court. If the intentions of Government was to really to provide basic amenities to these colonies then the Government could have opened the way of regularization by filing affidavit in the court for the regularization of these colonies.

            It may be mentioned that when Late Sahib Singh Verma was the Chief Minister of Delhi he had personally appeared in the court and requested that the court to allow him for providing basic amenities to the lakhs of people living in unauthorized colonies and told that the colonies should be regularize under the relevant laws and the directions of court but the court should first allow the Government to provide basic amenities to all these colonies. After that the BJP Government provided many amenities to these colonies. Today these amenities are disappearing and 50 lakh people are living under hellish conditions in the unauthorized colonies.

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