Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sale/purchase of DDA land going on: influential leaders involved in the bungling

Government is allowing illegal occupation of public land worth thousands of crores by distributing provisional certificates to fictitious colonies-BJP

Chief Minister and the Congress Government of Delhi are doing the business of handing over illegal possession of public land of thousands of crores after distributed Provisional Certificates through Congress President Sonia Gandhi in October, 2008. The latest case is of Taimur Nagar Extension adjacent to Taimur Nagar. This land belongs to the Government but some influential Congress MPs are busy in the sale/purchase of this valuable land through their middlemen. The rate of this land is 4 lakh rupees per sq. yard.

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that Government should take appropriate steps to stop illegal sale/purchase of the land in Taimur Nagar Extension and handing over the enquiry of this case to the Economic Offence Wing. DDA has taken over the possession of the land in Taimur Nagar Extension after the completing the process of its acquisition. The original owners of the land have been paid compensation. This land was acquired under section-4 of the Land Acquisition Act by the DDA on 23rd June, 1989. DDA had also taken over the possession of the land after paying compensation at the rate of Rs. 27 per meter on 22nd June, 1992 under section-6 & 17 of the Act. The farmers felt that the compensation was not adequate and they went to the Additional District Judge against this rate of compensation. 

In June, 2011 the court increased the compensation of land from Rs. 27 to Rs. 89 per meter and ordered the DDA to pay at this rate. The original owners of the land, the farmers of the village were paid compensation at the rate of Rs. 89 per meter. Today, the price of this land is 4 lakh rupees per yard. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Congress leaders with the connivance of land mafia with the help of fabricated documents showed this land to be unauthorized colony and obtained Provisional Certificate through Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in October, 2008. After inspection of the land by enquiry committee, many surprising facts may come to light.

Government knows everything about it, but kept its eyes close because their own Congress leaders are involved in this scam. BJP Pradesh President has termed granting of Provisional Certificates to about 150 colonies and sale of public land as a big conspiracy and has said that many Congress leaders will be exposed after the facts come to light. He further told that, DDA is mum on this issue and allowing occupation of this land openly. The Congress leaders in Central and Delhi Governments are involved in this act of grabbing valuable land

It may be mentioned that the Town Planner of MCD had two years ago complained the Government in writing that about 150 colonies are non-existent out the list of colonies to which Provisional Certificates were granted.  These colonies were shown to be inhabited in papers and Provisional Certificates were issued on false basis to them on false names. Delhi Government had not submitted any records of aerial survey or other to the MCD of these colonies. Delhi Government continued to remain silent on the written complaint of town planner because real intention was to allow unauthorized occupation of the land. Shri Gupta has raised a question to the Government that why no action was taken during the last 2 years on the written complaint of the Town Planner of MCD?

Shri Gupta told that since many influential MPs and other leaders of the Congress are involved in this case, Delhi Government is trying to cover up the entire land scam. Government has also ordered several enquiries without fixing time limit, so that the case may remain entangled in enquiries. These enquiries may take much time, so that the people may forget this bungling of thousands of crores. It may be mentioned that the Principal Secretary of Urban Development Department R. Chandramohan and Divisional Commissioner Vijay Dev are separately enquiring into the land scam. On the other hand Lt. Governor Tejender Khanna has also ordered for enquiry. It has been learnt that the Central Urban Development Department is also thinking of ordering of an enquiry into this case. This way about 4 to 5 separate enquiries will be held and their reports and findings will also be different. Then it will be easy for the Government to cover up the scam by saying that the opinions of enquiring authorities are contradictory.

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