Monday, 14 November 2011

Misbehaviour with the students of RML Nursing College


BJP National Secretary Ms. Vani Tripathi has demanded the Central Health Minister Gulaam Nabi Azad that he should immediately dismiss the college Vice-Principal Nirmala Singh, Supintendent Suhasni and others who had treated the young girl students of reputed RML Hospitals Nursing College in an uncultured and inhuman way and also demanded to allow the girl students to live respectfully in their hostel and complete their B.Sc. Nursing programme.

It may be mentioned that the nursing students became aggitated when the Vice Principal publicly tore the apron of a student and abused her and also made allegations against her and further threatned to rusticate her. The Nursing College of RML Hospital awards the degree of B.Sc. Nursing after four years teaching in Nursing. In this college students from all the proviences of the country get admission after all india tough competion for Nursing Degrees.

After the incident of tearing Apron of a student on 11th November the insulted students started strike in the college premises. Today was the fourth day of strike. In place of sympathising with the students and ensuring justice, the college administration is threatning the girl students to withdraw their aggitation otherwise all the students will be rusticated and their life spoiled.

Today in the afternoon Chairperson of Delhi Mahila Aayog and other members came at the invitation of BJP National Secretary Vani Tripathi for enquiry into the misbehaviour, the security guards did not allow them to enter and misbehaved with them. The girl students have complained about the misbehavior in writing to the Mahila Aayog and BJP National Secretary Vani Tripathi. The insulted girl students told about continuous inhuman behaviour with them on various incidents by the RML College administration.

Ms. Vani Tripathi told that the college administration is adopting various methods to break the aggitation of girl students. Today a former General Secretary of retired nursing staff Mrs. Khurana came with 10 senior doctors of the hospital and met the girl students and told them to end the strike. When the girl students said that they will continue their aggitation till they justice then Mrs. Khurana and other doctors openly threatned that there food and lodging will be stopped. They should be ready for rustication from the college. Ms. Vani Tripathi has demanded the Central Health Minister that the incidents of misbehaviour in RML nursing colleges should be enquired by Delhi State Women Commission and National Women Commission in an impartial way.

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