Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Expressing his reaction to the decision of trifurcation of MCD by the Government, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that this is a hasty decision and fully inspired by politics. This decision which has been taken without due consideration is not in the interest of 1.70 crore people of Delhi. Due to this decision of Congress Government economic burden will increase on the people and the development of Delhi will become unbalanced and progress will also be hindered. The trifurcation will result in additional burden of 1500 crore rupees on the people annually.  BJP will highlight the damages and short comings due to the trifurcation before the people of Delhi.

Shri Gupta told that for the purpose of serving her own interest, the Chief Minister of Delhi passed the resolution for the trifurcation of MCD in haste which has been approved by the Central Government. According to the rules, objections and suggestions should have been invited from the people. The town planners and metropolitan experts should have widely discussed it. The Congress Government did not fulfill these formalities and divided the MCD.

By weakening the MCD, Delhi Government wants to grab the powers of autonomous local bodies. The influence of bureaucracy will increase due to this trifurcation and the role of public representatives will become weak. By doing so, the Delhi Government and the Congress Government has opposed the decision of the Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for decentralization of power and strengthening of local bodies. The people want to know who will bear the economic burden of these three corporations? Will the additional economic burden of trifurcation be recovered from the people?

Expenditure on additional staff and others will increase three fold. Due to this decision the additional expenditure of the three corporations has increased 1500 crores. How the Government will arrange for so much fund? There is only one metropolitan council in cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc. By the trifurcation of MCD, Government has opened way for other states to divide their respective corporations and impose additional burden on the people.   

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