Friday, 4 November 2011

Delhi Statistical Handbook 2011 exposes Sheila Government

 Basic amenities decreased in Delhi, but price rise, corruption and crime increased during Sheila rule

BJP has said that Delhi Statistical Handbook 2011 has exposed the claims of development by Delhi Government.  There has been increase in the rate of crime, corruption and price rise during the tenure of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.  The facilities of education, health, power & water supply, employment and housing have declined.  Delhi is called the rape capital inspite of the fact that a women is the Chief Minister.  The loot in CWG by Delhi Government ashamed India in the entire world. The population has increased to 1.68 crores, but basic amenities are not provided to the people.  The rate of mortality has increased to 18.5%.  The rate of education of girl students has also decreased.

            Inspite of the fact that population of Delhi has increased to 1.68 crore, the Government has failed to provide basic amenities like education & health.  There has been commercialisation of these amenities due to which the common man is unable to provide good education and health to his children.  Government has completely failed on the front of basic amenities like housing.  Even after making promises for the last 13 years.  Not a single house has been allotted to lakhs of poor people of Delhi under Rajiv Ratan Housing Scheme.  Not a single unauthorised colony out of 1639 has been regularised.  Contrary to the promises made the people of unauthorised colonies and villages are being arrested for making small construction.  People are also suffering due to hefty power bills. Government also wants to increase the water supply charges 10 to 50 times higher by privatising water supply.

            Referring to the datas issued by the Government, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Central and Delhi Governments have not been able to do any thing in curbing price rise.  Every week there is hike in the prices due to which the poor are being deprived of nutrition.  It is being clearly felt on the life of the people.  The food inflation has gone upto 12.21% during the 13 years tenure of Sheila Dikshit.  Experts in the private sectors say that the Government data on price spiral is false.  Actually, this has gone upto 30 to 40 percent. Government has done nothing for the development of women, children, senior citizens, youth during the last 13 years.  Crime rate is rising. Government had promised to provide free pucca houses to the poor.  This promise has proved to be false.  The Lokayukta had to write to the President against the Chief Minister regarding her false promises.

            The price of petrol has been increased 10 times between 16th June, 2010 to 3rd November, 2011.  Petrol has become costlier by Rs. 20.54 per litre between June, 2010 and November, 2011.  After the approval of increasing the price of petrol by Rs. 1.82 per litre, the milk products, pulses, vegetables and other essential commodities have become more costly.  Neither the Government nor the experts can tell at which point this spiral will stop.  The touts and middlemen supported by Government are benefiting by price rise.  Farmers and consumers are being looted.  DDA is indulging in profit making trade after acquiring the land of farmers at nominal rates.

            DDA has forgotten its promise and has become a profit making business organisation.  Government allowed the loot of 25 thousand crores in CWG.  The Shunglu Committee report and the CAG report have revealed it. Government treasury become empty due to the loot in the Games.  Sheila Government is imposing various economic burden on the people to recover the lost to the Government.  Within eight months the circle rates have been increased by 350 percent.  Various taxes have been imposed.

            Shri Gupta told that at the time of releasing the Statistical Booklet, the Chief Minister has praised herself.  She remained completely mum on basic amenities and claimed that the number of mobile phones and vehicles are the indicators of development.  Chief Minister is also claiming that the sale of foreign liquor, country-wine, beer are the indictors of development of Delhi.  The booklet is silent on the issues of employment, industry, Government accommodation etc.  During the last financial year, five lakh new vehicles came on the roads.  Due to this the situation of jam on the roads have arisen.  The roads of Delhi have become dangerous due to chaotic traffic condition.  Here the average speed is only 10 kms. per hour which will go down to 6 km per hour with in the next five years.

            During the last financial year, one crore mobile phones were added in Delhi.  The reality of the increase in the number of mobile phone is that when a member of a family goes out then the family members are not sure when he will return back.  Hence almost every member of the family needs mobile phone.  The criminals are fearlessly operating in the capital and the public are terrified.  Delhi has been called rape capital.  Even the Supreme Court has termed it as haven for rapists.  People have started keeping two mobiles for the security.  In place of providing basic amenities to the increasing population of Delhi, the Government has increased the circle rates so that the poor may migrate out of Delhi and Government may not have to provide amenities to them.

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