Thursday, 3 November 2011

Union Urban Development Minister should intervene to stop sealing immediately otherwise BJP will start movement - Vijender Gupta

 BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Central Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath that he should immediately intervene and issue orders to stop sealing in Delhi because thousands are losing their livelihood due to it.  If sealing continues in this time of back breaking price spiral then it will become impossible for the people to make both ends meet.

          He has demanded the Central Urban Development Minister that the people of Delhi should not be harassed till the amended draft Master Plan of Delhi is prepared and approved.  All the buildings which have come up in the capital till date should be regularised on as is where is basis so that lakhs of people of the capital may live in peace.

          At present on the orders of Monitoring Committee, a big sealing drive is going on in Karol Bagh commercial area.  Due to this traditional business of thousands of traders are at the brink of being closed.  The problem before the traders is that they can not start any other business except their traditional business.  Livelihood of thousands of employees is connected with one shops or industry.  The livelihood of employees connected with shop and industry will be in danger due to sealing.  This will also adversely affect the trade and industry of Delhi because goods are supplied/exported to entire India and many countries of the world from Karol Bagh area presently facing sealing drive by Monitoring Committee.

          Shri Gupta has demanded Central Urban Development Minister Shri Kamal Nath and the Monitoring Committe that they should immediately stop sealing on the humanitrarian ground.  If this demand of BJP is not accepted then Party will start strong movement against Central Government.  Till a reasonable and human solution of this problem is not found out together, the people should be allowed to continue their business as usual in the Karol Bagh area.  The sword of sealing should be removed from the heads of the people of Delhi especially the people of Karol Bagh area.         

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