Monday, 28 November 2011

Massive Dharna of BJP at Jantar Mantar to protest against FDI in Retail Trade

You can't provide employment then don't render the people unemployed - BJP

Under the leadership of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta thousands of traders and BJP workers staged massive Dharna-Demonstration at Jantar Mantar to protest against the decision of the Government to allow direct FDI in multi-brand retail trade.  On this occasion the agitated workers and traders were raising slogans 'Rozgar De Nahi Sakte To Rozgar Chhino Mat', 'Videshi Companiyon Ko Bharat Aane Ki Anumati Mat Do - Mat Do', 'Desh Ke Vayapar Ko Tabah Mat Karo - Mat Karo' etc.

                The people sitting on dharna demanded the Government that it should immediately withdraw this decision which will ruin the country.  If the Government allows the foreign multi-brand companies to start trading and open show rooms in the retail trade then the BJP workers will come in the streets and oppose anti people decision of Government.  Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Chief Minister of Delhi should make her stand clear on this issue.

                RS M.P. Shri Chandan Mitra, Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Om Prakash Kohli, Legislators Ramesh Bidhuri, H.S. Balli, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Subhash Sachdeva, Dr. S.C.L. Gupta, Srikrishan Tyagi, Mohan Singh Bisht, Vice Presidents Pawan Sharma, R.P. Singh, Satish Upadhyay, Vishakha Shailani, Radhey Shyam Sharma, BJP Delhi Traders Cell Convenor Kailash Gupta, Ramesh Khanna, Om Prakash Jain, Satish Garg, Anil Goel and thousands of traders, industrialists, Pradesh office bearers, Councillors, District Presidents and local citizens participated in the dharna-demonstration today.  Pradesh General Secretary Shri Ashish Sood conducted the programme.  Raising loud slogans on this occasion Congress Government was warned that if it does not withdraw the decision to destroy the trade of the country then the Congress Government will be dislodged.

                Senior leader of BJP Shri Chandan Mitra told that crores of people will be rendered unemployed due to this decision of the Government.  The Government has taken this decision under the pressure of foreign governments and foreign companies.  There is also possibility of heavy corruption in the process of this decision.  There is no unanimity of view between the Government and the allies.  Inspite of contradiction UPA-II Government has told the 120 crore people of the country through this decision that Indian Government is working at the instance of foreign companies.  This Government is not concerned at all about the interest of the common man.  It is possible that the structure of present retail trade in India may collapse.
                Addressing the people present on the occasion, Shri Gupta told that BJP will never allow the foreign companies to open multi brand retail stores although we may have to make sacrifices for it.  If the foreign companies are allowed to trade in India then foreign rule may be established indirectly in India.
                At present 95% of retail trade in India is under unorganised sector.  About 15 crore people are maintaining their families with the help of retail trade in every lane-mohalla of the country.  If the foreign companies are allowed retail trading then crores of people will be rendered unemployed and ultimately ruined.  This earning section of the country will start committing suicide after losing their employment.

                He further told that due to allowing retail trade to the foreign companies the economic system of many countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand have collapsed.  Other countries of the world are facing its evil consequences.  The FDI in retail trade will also ruin the farmers because the foreign companies will take the land of farmers on lease and force the farmers to grow crops according to their choice.

                If the crops of the farmers are not upto standard then they will not pay the price to the farmers.  At present the Indian farmers are already under the pressure of loan.  After this decision they will be completely ruined.  Tomorrow the traders of Chandni Chowk have called a big meeting to oppose this decision and to make future strategy and have invited the BJP Delhi Pradesh President to support them in this struggle against present Central Government. 

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