Tuesday, 1 November 2011


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has in a letter written to the LG of Delhi Shri Tejender Khanna demanded that he should immediately stay the new circle rates imposed on the people of Delhi by the Delhi Government so that the property rates in Delhi may remain stable and the dream of lacks of homeless people may be fulfilled.

In his letter Shri Gupta has written that due to the implementation of new circle rates the life of the people of Delhi who are already suffering due to price spiral will become more difficult 49 percent people of Delhi live in rented houses. They spent 40 to 50 percent of their earning on house rent. Due to the increase in circle rates, house rent will also increase and the people living in rented houses will have to pay more for it. They may be compelled to migrate out of Delhi which will adversely affect the economic and social fabric of Delhi. Development of Delhi will also be affected badly.  

It may be mentioned that the Government has implemented new circle rate with effect from 31st October. Due to this the dream of common man have house of his own will remain unfulfilled. The Governments wants to recover 1500 crore rupees from the people of Delhi by increasing the circle rates by 250 percent.

            Shri Gupta told that in February this year the circle rates were increased 100 percent which has made purchasing properties difficult for the common man because due to increase in circle rates the price of land and houses had become more costly. Within 8 months the Government has again unjustified increased the circle rates which are unbearable for the people of Delhi.

BJP has requested the LG of Delhi that the way in which he had stays the decision of Delhi Government to increase circle rates last time at the request of BJP. Same way he should stay the new rates implemented by Delhi Government. A delegation of BJP led by Shri Vijender Gupta will meet the Lt. Governor soon on this issue.

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  1. Dear Mr Gupta
    I understand your concern about rents rising due to increase in circle rates, but what about curbing flow of black money into land and property deals by keeping circle rates low. When circle rates are low people pay that amount in white and rest in black leading to increase in cost of property. If black money is not used in property deals cost of property will come down
    Brigadier AK Kalia(Retd)


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