Thursday, 10 November 2011


In a letter written to the Lt. Governor of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that he should pass orders immediately to cancel the penalty of 15 to 25 thousand rupees imposed by the Government on the 3 thousand society flat allottees of Dwarka in public interest so that 12 thousand people waiting for allotment of flats since 2004 may get relief.

It may be mentioned that the Co-operative Group Housing Societies were registered in Dwarka area in the year 1983-84. All these 350 societies were allotted land by DDA. In 2004 flats were allotted to the flat applicants of 250 societies. The CBI had investigated into the bungling in allotment by corrupt officers of the DDA and Registrar of Co-operative Group Housing Societies. In November 2008 CBI filed cases against the persons responsible for the bungling but the CBI held that the allotment made to all the flat allottees of societies was valid.

Even after this allotment being held valid by the CBI, some corrupt officers of the Registrar’s Office did not allow possession of the flats because they had demanded facilitation fee from these allottees. The harassed people were compelled to live in rented houses even after spending lakhs of rupees and getting the allotment of flats. On the one hand the flat allottees continued to pay rent and on the other had to pay interest on the loan to the banks. The flat allottees continued to run from pillar to post in the office of Registrar Group Housing Co-operative Societies and the DDA till January, 2010. Nobody listened to them.

When this case came to the notice of BJP then the Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta staged a massive dharna/demonstration at the office of Registrar of Co-operative Societies alongwith thousands of sufferers and submitted a memorandum demanding handing over the possession of the flats. But even after this they were not given the possession. After that the allottees of 26 societies held self draw of flats in the presence of BJP leaders and after taking possession allottees started living in the flats. Delhi Government filed a case against the self allottees of flats. Police did not take any action against them because they did not find any foul play in the self draw allotment.

Under the leadership of flat allottees Shri Mukesh Sinha, 11 member delegations met the Lt. Governor of Delhi on the 13th April and 20th May, 2011 and demanded legal recognition of self allotment. On this occasion the Registrar of Co-operative Society and officers of DDA and Delhi Government were present. In this meeting the Lt. Governor gave orders for regularizing the flats after depositing Rs. 1000 as self allotment fee by the flat allottees. The Government did not follow this order and imposed penalty of Rs. 15000 on the allottees of 2 bedroom flats, 20,000 rupees on three bedroom flats and 25000 rupees on four bedroom flats. The total amount of this penalty comes to Rs. 7 crore. The flat allottees are not in a position to deposit such heavy amount. They have been suffering since 2004. Houses were constructed, continued to rot but allottees were not given possession. Penalty should be imposed on DDA and Registrar of Co-operative Societies but contrary to it the sufferers are being victimized. 

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